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Zenhaven Is Built to Last.

See why no latex is more durable than American Talalay.

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Zenhaven is made of 100% natural latex, processed in America using the advanced Talalay method. The mattress is handcrafted by American workers to the highest manufacturing standards, using the highest quality, healthiest materials available.

Those facts allow us to state these facts with confidence:

  • Your Zenhaven mattress will give you a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep for 20 years or more.
  • During those 20 years, Zenhaven will not break down, sag or take a body set.
  • You will never have to turn or flip your Zenhaven mattress.
  • You will not find a more durable natural latex mattress than Zenhaven.

Natural Latex Is Not All The Same

Whether Dunlop or Talalay, the process of transforming liquid latex into a finished mattress layer requires the addition of small amounts of other ingredients, and no two manufacturing “recipes” are quite the same.

A case in point: Latex manufacturers must add an ingredient to “de-tactify” the cell walls within the finished latex, making them less likely to stick to each other. This in turn makes it less likely that body impressions will form in the latex over time.

Many manufacturers achieve this with a chemical-based plastic, which is known to break down under stress. Ours has chosen to use a natural silicate very similar to talcum powder. Not only does this produce a more natural latex, the manufacturer has found it to be significantly more durable as well.

That natural silicate is just one reason we’re confident Zenhaven’s latex will outlast any other latex. We also know from testing (below) that Talalay latex is inherently more durable than Dunlop latex—and that no Talalay latex is manufactured to a higher standard of quality than the American Talalay latex we use in Zenhaven.

The Proof Is In The Testing (And The Sleeping)

To estimate the long-term durability of a latex mattress core, manufacturers perform two separate tests: a “Compression Set Test” and an “Impact Test.” Testing of Zenhaven’s American Talalay prove it to be more durable than either Dunlop or European Talalay latex.


LATEX TYPE: American Talalay European Talalay Dunlop
% COMPRESSED: 3.3% 5.7% 11%
COMPARISON: 73% more compressed 223% more compressed

The Compression Set Test is meant to simulate the effect of a person lying on the bed over many years. It involves compressing a test sample to half its original thickness for 22 hours at an elevated temperature of 158° F. The sample is then allowed to decompress, and its thickness is compared against its original thickness. The greater the loss of thickness, the more likely the material is to “take a set” over time—and the more likely you are to end up sleeping in a crater.


LATEX TYPE: American Talalay European Talalay Dunlop
% OF FIRMNESS LOSS: 6% 16% 18%
COMPARISON: 167% more loss 200% more loss

The Impact Test is meant to simulate the effect of someone getting on and off the bed over many years. First, the firmness of the latex mattress core is measured and rated according to an industry-standard “Indentation Load Deflection” scale. A weight of about 45 pounds is then dropped repeatedly on the mattress core for 24 hours. The material is allowed to recover for 24 hours, then the firmness of the mattress core is measured again. The greater the loss of firmness from the first measurement to the second indicates how likely the material is to break down over time.

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