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Free white glove delivery + Free mattress removal

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Giving Back Is In Our DNA.

The Saatva organization is not only committed to our customers, but equally passionate about our planet and our communities across the U.S. For us, it’s not enough to be good at what you do—the real proof of character is in giving back to those in need. In the last year, we have donated hundreds of mattresses and partnered with high-need organizations around the country.

Organizations we partner with:

  • Dreamcenter (LA)
  • St. Vincents (AZ)
  • Salvation Army (PA)
  • Interfaith Community Service (CA)
  • Michigan Veterans Foundation (MI)
  • Furniture Bank (GA)
  • Seeds of Hope (NJ)
  • National Council of Jewish Women (CA)
  • Metro Wellness & Community Center (FL)
  • Albuquerque Rescue Mission (NM)
  • St. Mary’s Childrens Hospital (NY)
  • Wounded Warrior Project (FL)
  • North Fulton Charities (GA)
  • Raleigh Refugee Resettlement Services (NC)
  • Brown Ministries (MI)
  • Angels Among Us Foundation (RI)

“The devastation at the shore is beyond words and the initiative that your company took to supply mattresses to those in need is also beyond words.” — John P. Volz, Director, Seeds of Hope Ministries

We partnered in 2014 with the Seeds of Hope organization to provide 50 free mattresses to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy along the Jersey Shore. As we continue to grow, we will always continue to seek ways to help struggling communities in any way we can.

Over 250 Mattresses Donated Each Year