Zenhaven vs. Plushbeds: A Point-by-Point Comparison


Latex mattresses are finally enjoying their moment in the spotlight. It’s easy to see why: With a unique combination of responsiveness and conforming support, latex brings together some of the best features of innerspring and memory foam beds. Like memory foam, latex excels at relieving pressure on sensitive joints. And, like innerspring, it has a lively quality—the feeling of sleeping on latex is often described as buoyant, as if you’re “floating” atop the mattress. (Want to learn more about latex? Check out this latex mattress overview.)

While latex is not as common as other mattress types, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Here is a point-by-point comparison of two popular latex mattresses, the Zenhaven by Saatva and the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress by Plushbeds.


Comfort is a tricky thing. What feels good to you might not feel good to someone else. Most manufacturers use a numerical scale to describe their comfort levels, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest—though it’s important to note that no two manufacturers’ scales are exactly the same. Overall, what makes one latex mattress more comfortable than another is a function of the type of latex, how it’s processed, and the materials and construction of other layers in the mattress.




Do I have a choice of comfort levels?

Zenhaven: Yes (luxury plush, gentle firm)

Plushbeds: Yes (medium, medium firm, firm)

The bottom line: Both Zenhaven and Plushbeds offer a choice of firmness levels, which means more chances to find your best mattress match. The Zenhaven mattress is flippable: One side is luxury plush (4-5 on the comfort scale), the other is gentle firm (7-8).

Plushbeds offers two initial comfort levels: medium and firm. Like Zenhaven, it combines two firmness options in a single mattress. The medium mattress comes with a medium top layer and medium-firm middle layer. To vary the firmness, the customer can unzip the cover and manually switch the layers.

mattress layers

How many layers of latex are in the mattress?

Zenhaven: Four

Plushbeds: Three

The bottom line: Most latex mattresses are not made from a single block of foam. Instead, they are made from layers of foam of varying thickness and density. In the middle, the flippable Zenhaven mattress has a 6-inch support core made up of two 3-inch layers of latex. On either side of the support core are 1.5-inch comfort layers: one luxury plush, the other gentle firm, for a total of 10 inches with cover.

From the bottom up, the 10-inch Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress has three 3-inch layers of latex under a 1-inch cover. (Plushbeds also offers 9-inch and 12-inch options, with different layers and price points.)




Does the mattress have added lumbar support?

Zenhaven: Yes

Plushbeds: No

The bottom line: Lumbar support is critical for maintaining the spine in neutral alignment, especially if you tend to experience back pain. Without it, hips and shoulders can sink too deeply, throwing the spine’s natural curvature out of whack. With its unique combination of responsiveness and pressure relief, latex scores high marks for back health. Zenhaven adds zoned support in the top layer of the mattress, with an area of denser foam under the hips and shoulders. Plushbeds has no added lumbar support. (Here are some tips for sleeping better with back pain.)

Can the mattress be used with an adjustable base?

Zenhaven: Yes

Plushbeds: Yes

The bottom line: Latex, because of its natural flexibility, is a great choice for an adjustable base. Both Zenhaven and Plushbeds Botanical Bliss can be purchased with an adjustable base. (Learn more about adjustable bases.)



Latex is a natural material, produced from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Because of the costs associated with harvesting and processing the material, latex mattresses are among the more expensive types you can buy. So you want to be sure you’re getting the best quality for your money—a product crafted with the premium materials, good for your health, and built to last.

What type of latex is in the mattress?

Zenhaven: Talalay latex

Plushbeds: Dunlop latex

The bottom line: While both Zenhaven and Plushbeds Botanical Bliss are natural latex, the process by which they are made is very different. Dunlop latex, the kind used in the Plushbeds mattress, was the original type of latex foam. The tree sap is minimally processed, which means that more natural sediments end up in the bottom layer of the mold. As a result, Dunlop latex mattresses tend to be denser and heavier.

Talalay latex, used to make the Zenhaven mattress, was the second iteration of latex foam. The tree sap undergoes a vacuum process to distribute the material evenly throughout the mold. Then it’s flash-frozen to stabilize the latex particles before being baked into a solid form. The result is a mattress that is softer, lighter, more breathable, and more resilient.(See how the Zenhaven mattress is made.)

What is the flame retardant made of?

Zenhaven: New Zealand wool

Plushbeds: New Zealand wool

The bottom line: By law, all mattresses must have a flame retardant. Some mattresses use flame retardants made with harmful chemicals. Both the Zenhaven mattress and the Plushbeds mattress utilize natural, nontoxic flame retardants.

Is the mattress cover organic?

Zenhaven: Yes

Plushbeds: Yes

The bottom line: Both Zenhaven and Plushbeds are covered in organic cotton. In addition to being naturally soft, durable, and breathable, organic cotton is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. (Read more about the benefits of organic cotton.) Zenhaven’s cover is additionally treated with Guardin®, a botanical antimicrobial that inhibits bacterial growth to prolong the life of the fabric.

How soon can you sleep on the mattress?

Zenhaven: Immediately

Plushbeds: After it’s unpacked from the box, unrolled, and expanded

The bottom line: Zenhaven mattresses are never crushed or compressed, meaning you can sleep comfortably on them as soon as they’re delivered. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss is a bed-in-a-box, so it needs a while to expand once it’s taken out of the packaging. Because the Plushbeds mattress has been vacuum-sealed, rolled, and wrapped in plastic before being sealed in a box for shipping, it may emit odors as it expands.



There’s more to mattress value than the price tag alone. When assessing bang for the buck, consider factors beyond price, such as delivery and return policies, warranty terms, and home trial periods.

How much does the mattress cost?

Zenhaven: $1,299 for a twin, $1,349 for a twin XL, $1,699 for a full, $1,899 for a queen, $2,499 for a king or California king

Plushbeds: $1,399 for a twin or twin XL, $1,799 for a full, $1,899 for a queen, $2,199 for a king or California king

The bottom line: Zenhaven and Plushbeds are similarly priced (as of January 1, 2019). A key difference is that Plushbeds sells its mattresses directly and also through third-party vendors, so the price depends on where and when you buy the mattress. Zenhaven is sold exclusively online by Saatva, and the price never varies.

How is the mattress delivered?

Zenhaven: Free white-glove delivery, including setting up the new mattress and taking away the old mattress

Plushbeds: Shipped to the customer’s door in a box for free. Delivery, setup, and old mattress removal is available, starting at $99.

The bottom line: Zenhaven comes standard with white-glove delivery. Plushbeds offers two options: You can have the mattress shipped to you for free and take care of the setup and removal of your old mattress yourself, or you can pay a fee to have the mattress delivered and set up for you. (Note that a queen-size medium Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress weighs 128 pounds.)

How long is the risk-free trial period?

Zenhaven: 120 days

Plushbeds: 100 days

The bottom line: It sometimes takes a while to get used to a new mattress, especially if it’s a type of mattress you haven’t slept on before. That’s why most online mattress companies offer home-trial periods. At 120 days, Zenhaven’s trial period is longer than Plushbeds’. If at any point during the trial period a customer decides to return their Zenhaven mattress, Saatva will pick it up and refund the purchase price, less a $99 transportation fee.

Plushbeds asks you to try the mattress for 30 days before returning. If you then decide to return the mattress, the company will pick it up curbside for no charge, but you will need to pack up the mattress yourself. According to the manufacturer, “all products must be returned in undamaged condition and packaged; otherwise, additional charges may be applied.” Additionally, Plushbeds “reserves the right to refuse additional orders from customers who have returned a mattress under our 100-night money back guarantee.”

How long is the warranty?

Zenhaven: 20 years (non-prorated)

Plushbeds: 25 years (prorated)

The bottom line: Latex is known for its durability and longevity, so a premium latex mattress should carry a warranty of 20 years or more. Both Zenhaven and Plushbeds meet that standard. But there are differences in the fine print. The Zenhaven warranty is non-prorated, which means that the terms don’t change the longer you have your mattress. If a Zenhaven mattress is deemed defective any time during the first two years, the company will replace it for no cost; in years three through 20, the company will repair and recover the mattress for the cost of transportation ($99 each way).

The Plushbeds warranty is non-prorated only for the first 10 years. Starting in year 11, if defects occur, Plushbeds will repair the mattress at a handling cost to the customer or replace the mattress at a prorated charge. In year 11, the replacement cost is 50% of the purchase price. This prorated cost will increase by 3% each year of the prorated period.

What about customer support?

Zenhaven: Noncommissioned sleep guides are available in Saatva’s New York operations center to answer questions about Zenhaven 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plushbeds: Plushbed representatives are available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST on Saturdays.

The bottom line: Concierge service is the Saatva standard, with helpful representatives at the other end of the line any time of the day or night.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Read our reviews. Ready to buy a new mattress? Head on over to zenhaven.com now.