Rue Magazine: Zenhaven “Transformed Our Sleep”

Rue Magazine Reviews Zenhaven Mattress and Lineal Adjustable Base
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It took Kelli Lamb three years to finally decide to ditch her old queen-size mattress. All that time, she was convinced that her bedroom wasn’t big enough for the king bed she and her husband, Tim, really wanted. So like a lot of people, they just soldiered on, night after uncomfortable night. “Tim felt like it was too close of quarters to get up in the middle of the night without waking me; I felt cramped and claustrophobic,” Lamb writes in Rue Magazine, where she is managing editor. “Add our two cats to the mix, and our queen bed was just not cutting it.”

After a few particularly rough nights in a row, they’d had enough. Kelli pulled out the measuring tape and decided they could fit that king bed after all—especially if they ditched their bulky old bed frame. Why did it take so long for an interior design pro to reach this realization? “Blame it on being exhausted after years of bad sleep!” she insists.

Once they’d made the decision, the couple agreed on few essential criteria: their new mattress had to be plush but not too soft; eco-friendly and free of toxins; able to keep them cool in the hot Los Angeles summers; and high-quality enough to last for “years and years.” That’s how they landed on Zenhaven. “We knew it was our best bet,” Lamb writes. We sent them a mattress and base to test out.

Image credit: Rue Magazine

“Spoiler alert: We did not hate it,” Kelli says in her post, “How a King-Size Mattress and Adjustable Base Transformed Our Sleep.” “We were (honestly, truly, no exaggeration) thrilled the first night we slept on this bed!” For one thing, the latex did a much better job of isolating motion, which meant that Tim—a self-described “bad sleeper”—didn’t disturb Kelli if he moved around during the night. “After a few months of sleeping on it, my back and hip pain is totally gone and we both agree we feel more rested. At the very least, we’re not waking up mad or exhausted or ready to give up the cats for adoption.”

They also traded their bed frame for a Lineal adjustable base. In addition to making the room feel more spacious, the bed had another big advantage. Kelli was anxious about an upcoming surgery and recuperation. “During my recovery,” she writes, “this base was absolutely crucial because I couldn’t sit up or lay down on my own.” Adjustable bases certainly have therapeutic uses, but as Kelli soon discovered, they’re also a stylish way to boost overall comfort. “We prop the head up in the mornings to have our morning coffee and read the news,” she explains, and Tim, an artist, “will use the base to sit up in bed and draw—his version of heaven.”

So after three months of “transformed” sleep, how do they really feel? Says Kelli,”I think we mostly just feel foolish for having waited so long to do something about our old bed.”

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